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March 19th, 2013

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March 19th, 2013

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At Quick Copper, we pride ourselves on being abreast of the latest technologies available for voice and data connectivity and our evolving partnerships with leading voice and data providers. We serve enterprises and residential clients needing a MLPS network system, VoIP service, or a blazing fast Internet connection.

Our Services

Quick Copper will provide you a better experience, a more tailored phone system and a faster Internet connection. Whether we’re talking a full-fledged voice, data and video system, low long-distance rates or fiber Internet, we can do it!

Voice Data Services

You won’t have to struggle with slow phone services and complicated systems, when you enlist our services. Our user-friendly phones and ever-present support won’t leave you hanging, especially in critical periods of your daily operations.

Our trademarks at Quick Copper are our proactive stance towards field issues and the close technical support we provide our clients. We prevent problems from arising on our clients’ end by constantly monitoring circuits and rates. Not many ISPs, and even fewer of the bigger ones, can provide the same level of service that we can. We take pride in being able to do this for each and every one of our clients.

Consult with our staff, so we can give you definite answers to your inquiries.

Services Overview

  • Broadband DSL/Fiber/Cable
  • T1 Voice and Data SIP
  • Voip Phone systems
  • Wireless 4G
  • Local/Long Distance
  • VPN/ MPLS networks
  • Web Hosting/Email
  • Fiber Internet

Why Choose Us?

At Quick Copper we strive at making customers happy for their networking needs. Being a service company since 1989 we know what it takes to satisfy our customers from a service point of view and savings.